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Rules & FAQ

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Rules & FAQ

In the interest of fairness, Free Lucky Lottery reserves the right to disqualify any players found to be breaking any of the following house rules.

Age and Geographical Restrictions

You must be a UK resident and over 18 years of age to play. No ifs, buts or maybes! Proof of residence may be requested for winners whose location cannot be easily verified. We fully reserve the right to withhold potential winnings to players who cannot or will not provide proof of UK residence. The site has a domain and is squarely aimed at UK-based players, supporting UK-based charities. Apologies if this bursts your bubble!

Account Restrictions

Players must only register a single account and 4-digit lucky number. Anyone found to be pulling a fast one with multiple accounts and numbers will have their access revoked without notice.

Account Dormancy

Accounts that have not been logged into in over 1 week are set as Dormant. Dormant account are ineligable to claim a pot. Logging into a dormant account removes the dormancy status, making the account eligable for the next draw. This feature was implemented in August 2017 to stop "pot ninjas" i.e. people logging into accounts whose numbers match the daily draw, coincidentally, after not having logged in for many weeks or months. This was happening mostly due to people gaming the system with multiple accounts, or being tipped off by friends.

Why is Free Lucky Lottery free to play?

Advertisers pay us to appear on our website. We use the vast majority of our ad revenue to cover the daily prize pots. Free Lucky Lottery is free to play and always will be.

What time are the draws?

Winning 4-digit numbers are picked by a random number generator each day at 1pm (UTC). All players with verified email addresses will receive a reminder email shortly after. You are free to opt out of these at any time, either via the unsubscribe link in the email or your My Account page on the website.

How do I claim the pot?

Once the daily draw has been made, players with the winning 4-digit lucky number and an active, non-dormant account (and whose account was created prior to the draw) will be able to claim their share of the daily pot. The claim button is near the top on your dashboard... you can't miss it! Winning players have until the next draw (1pm the following day) to claim their stake. Registering an account with the current winning numbers after the draw won't work... sorry!

I missed the pot... What do I do now?

Free Lucky Lottery cannot be held accountable for missed winnings due to lateness, forgetfulness, or reminder emails arriving in spam/trash etc, so remember to check each day to avoid dissappointment!

How do I receive my winnings

Successful pot claimants will receive their winnings by paypal transfer. If you have a paypal account, please make sure you complete the "Paypal Account" field in your "My Account" page. If you do not have a paypal account, please contact us to arrange an alternative method of payment. In the event of a shared pot, winnings will usually be transferred the following day. (to allow all winners ample time to claim their share)

How does the Bonus Scheme work?

Refer a friend to Free Lucky Lottery through your admin section. When your friend joins and verifies their email, we'll put 5p in your bonus pot. When you claim the daily draw pot, we'll top it up with your bonus pot balance! (subject to a fair use policy). Bonus pots are currently capped at £25 (500 verified referrals)

Can I donate my winnings to charity?

If you are feeling particularly philanthropistic, we can donate your winnings to a charity of your choice. Again, please contact us if this is the case.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch on the contact us page.

Thanks for reading. Remember to play fair and have fun. Good luck everyone!
The Free Lucky Lottery Team

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