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Christmas Draw Result

Big congratulations to ianr***666@yah****** (an email perhaps more suited to a Halloween draw) who has scooped this year’s £75 Loyalty Points Christmas Draw!

Ian, keep an eye on your email this afternoon. To everyone else, thank you so much for your support throughout another year. FLL is still hanging in there while so many other free lottery sites have upped and vanished in the last couple of years!

Merry Christmas guys, hope you all have a good one, and if I don’t get a chance to post beforehand, a fantastic new year too for you and yours. 🙂

Posted by Stephen - December 23, 2019

Christmas Draw Pre-Announcement Info

First Loyalty Point of 2019 = ID 540607
Most Recent Loyalty Point collected as of 10:30am 2019 = 794158

Random Number Generator picks LP ID 765204.

LP 765204 Belongs to player ID 4359, who has collected 213 LP this year. The winning LP – I can tell you – was from a Coin Toss!

I’m running a number of checks to make sure there are no duplicate accounts or any other funny business going on. Announcement at 12 noon!

Posted by Stephen -

Christmas Draw Preparations

Morning all, Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve! I’ve been doing a little prep work for the Christmas draw and thought I’d share the stats with you all…

There are 1179 unique players with at least 1 loyalty point in 2019.
In total, a whopping 252,890 lp have been stashed this year so far, meaning 214 lp per player on average. Considering not every player was around from the start of January, that’s some serious dedication on display!

I’m intending to announce the £75 winner tomorrow around noon, so please keep your eyes peeled. Good luck everyone!

Posted by Stephen - December 22, 2019

Christmas update 2019

Hi guys! I figured an update was long overdue, as a few players have been in touch asking if the Christmas draw is on this year. Good news… it is indeed! I will be using a random number generator – as always – to pick a 2019 loyalty point from the database. I’m intending to do this on Monday 23rd December, time allowing.

In the meantime, here’s an update on FLL and what I’ve been up to, for anyone interested…

I’ve taken a much more passive role – as you may have noticed – this year, as the site really doesn’t make enough money for me to justify dedicating loads of my limited spare time to it. Up until this year, I’ve taken £10 here, £20 there out of the profits and spent it on nothing in particular. I decided that in order for me to keep the motivation going to maintain the site, that I’d leave it and let it build until I could afford something that made some sort of noticeable difference to my life.

Needless to say however, having a wife and two young daughters, my hopes of a new laptop, sim rig racing seat or week away in the sun evaporated like many a broken dream, as it became clear that Emma – my 6 year old – had outgrown her bed. I still hadn’t decorated her room since we moved in, so I figured it was about time I bit the bullet and did the lot. Unicorns are her thing right now, so how’s this?

I ended up buying 2 of these Ikea loft beds, as her sister – who bless her didn’t say a word – was obviously crazy jealous. So there you go, FLL brought some joy into my kids’ lives this year, so thank you to everyone who made that possible. I look forward to making someone’s day on the 23rd. Good luck to everyone!

Posted by Stephen - December 15, 2019

Earn as you browse with Brave Browser!

Hey guys, I’ve got a pretty cool earning opportunity for you to test out!

I’ve started using Brave Browser, as it blocks ads and trackers by default and gives you the option to get paid for viewing ads. Yep, it’s not a joke, you get paid a little for each ad you watch. I don’t think anyone will be retiring on the income any time soon, but if you’re browsing the web anyway, why not get paid a little for the ads you view?

I’m trying it on my laptop at the moment. It’s based on Chromium, so it supports all Chrome extensions, looks nice and runs pretty quickly.

As a disclaimer, FLL gets a small contribution from Brave for anyone who downloads and tries it out using my link. Would love your feedback.

Here’s my referral link –

Posted by Stephen - April 5, 2019

Thank you to all Contributors…

Hey guys, Stephen here, checking in with some unfortunate news regarding the contrbutors’ draw. Coin Hive – the company that actually ran the mining software – have recently shut up shop, citing diminishing returns and increased costs as their reasons for the decision.

This doesn’t actually surprise me all that much, as I could see from my own stats that the returns shrunk substantially from one month to the next, such is the nature of cryptocurrency mining.

Anyway, there’s diddly that I can do about it, so unless another viable option presents itself, the contributors draw as we know it has come to an end. I’d like to thank everyone that dedicated their cpu cycles to contributing to the site. It never made much, but every penny helps when you’re trying to keep a low-income site afloat!

Also, I’m a little slow to reply to enquiries in the last week, as my youngest daughter has Chicken pox. It’s been a rough week. Thanks for your understanding and continued support.

Posted by Stephen - March 23, 2019

Christmas Draw Winners

Huge congrats to Robert P. and Debby G who have struck it lucky on our Contributors and loyalty points draws!

Contributors’ Draw

Winning ticket: 787. Player Contributor Rank: 9. Email: ***ngame***

Loyalty Points Draw

Winning LP ID: 367132. Date: 19/5/18. Type: Standard (not coin toss or die roll). Email: ***

I’ll be in touch guys 🙂 Merry Christmas!

Posted by Stephen - December 20, 2018

Christmas Draws

Hi guys!

Here’s a quick update for everyone eagerly awaiting news of the Christmas draws that are just around the corner.

Last year Kim J won our loyalty points mega draw and was delighted to receive her £100 winnings. This year, I’ve managed to save £150 to give away at Christmas, but this will be split evenly between the loyalty points draw and the (new for 2018) contributors’ draw, with each winner receiving £75.

Like last year, I’ll be collating all the loyalty points collected in 2018 and using a random number generator to pick one. Once I verify that there’s no monkey business going on with that account, I’ll announce the winner. I have a day’s annual leave in for the 20th of December, so this will most likely be the day, but this is subject to change (work, family commitments etc).

I’ve also posted quite a lot of detail about how the contributors’ draw will work, so please check that info out on the contributors’ draw page if you’d like to know more.

Hope everyone is enjoying the pre-Christmas shenanigans!

Posted by Stephen - December 5, 2018

A little too specific…

Happy Friday guys. While I have ten minutes spare, I wanted to share with you an interesting story from earlier this week regarding a pot that was claimed. I run a number of checks to try and make sure that the claimant isn’t playing funny buggers in any way, so the first thing that caught my attention about this one was a very strange looking email address. For privacy, I’m not typing it here, but trust me it was an odd one…

I checked the most recent ip address of the player and the country was, well, not the UK. Quite far away actually, though from here on in I’ll simply refer to this nameless country as Westeros. As you know, FLL is for UK-based players, so I asked the player to confirm his (or her!) country of residence. The answer that came back was so specific it set my Spidey sense off. “I live in the City of Belfast Province of Ulaidh, Cuige Uladh Ireland, but now I’m working in Westeros…”

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but if he/she had said “Belfast” I’d have been more inclined to go along with it. The email reply included some text that wasn’t in English, and Google Translate confirmed it to be the language of Westeros. Still following this?

So, we have someone logging in from Westeros, speaking the language of Westeros, but claiming to live thousands of miles away in a part of Belfast I’d never heard of. Heck of a commute…

I’ll give them their due, they almost had me for a minute, but I’m happy to report that the pot keeps rolling over for now, waiting for a genuine player from good ol’ Blighty. 🙂

Posted by Stephen - September 21, 2018

In the dog house…

Hi guys, I have returned! Actually, I didn’t technically go anywhere, I’ve just been incredibly busy in work, at a job interview, on a camping trip (I have the midge bites to prove it) and a wedding (not mine!)

I know a few people had added comments on disqus and I’ve had a few emails that I haven’t been able to reply to, so I’m trying to catch up now, apologies… I know I’m in the dog house.

I had two separate emails from players who were checking in to see if I was ok, as I hadn’t commented in a while. I really appreciate that… you know who you are 🙂

I also received a notification today that a new Patron had joined, pledging $5 a month. This is obviously way more than required, but a big thanks to you Doris, again, greatly appreciated. Now, on to the emails and some database housekeeping. Rock and roll lifestyle or what? 😀

Posted by Stephen - September 4, 2018

Go easy on that button!

Hi guys, just checking in early today as there was an issue with yesterday’s winner not being able to claim their prize.

I’ve no idea why it happens occasionally as I can’t replicate it in testing, but if it ever happens to you, please don’t hit the button 145 times, just drop me an email! 🙂

Edit: I revisited the claim code and noticed a line that looked odd. I have made a couple of tweaks, so fingers crossed 🙂

Posted by Stephen - June 23, 2018

3 x 5 = 13?

Congratulations to our 3 successful claimants on yesterday’s pot! Three active players out of four potential winners is quite unusual, so I assumed the lucky number was a birth year or something similar… but it seemed pretty random to me!

Rather than giving everyone a silly prize amount, I just rounded all 3 up to a fiver.


Posted by Stephen - May 8, 2018

Hall of shame…

And the prize for the dumbest would-be-cheater of the month goes to Kamleshpa****** for referring himself 10 times using the emails 1@adit***.com through 10@adit***.com.

The most ridiculous thing about it is that he chose the same lucky number on all 10. Honestly… All accounts have been closed and the user has been removed from the referral draw.

Posted by Stephen - May 7, 2018

Thank you guys!

A huge thank you to our first two Patrons – Linda and Maggie, who are now enjoying their daily flutter sans pesky ads and – more importantly – helping to keep this site going, long term.

Thanks also to Graham, who has become a “follower” on the Patreon page. Don’t ask me what that does, I’m still learning 🙂

Hope everyone had a great bank holiday.

Posted by Stephen -


Hey guys, I have managed to set up a patreon page!

For $1 a month (74p as a write this), all ads on the site will be removed, speeding up page loads and letting you save time on LP collection. You’ll also get access to the VIP lounge, which has a few little tools such as a number checker (lets you check if you share your lucky number with others), daily statistics and LP leaderboard.

To be crystal clear about a couple of things:
1) You can still play for free as this is entirely optional
2) It does not increase your chances of winning in any way

I don’t expect to be inundated by any means. I’m sure the majority of players will prefer to keep the ads, but for anyone wanting to support the site, this is a great option that in time will let me make more accurate projections. At the moment, it’s really hard for me to predict what the site will earn in the coming month and if it will cover its costs or if I have to cover the shortage.

I’ve set some goals which you can see on the Patreon page. 7 patrons would pay for the site’s web hosting. 15 would cover the hosting and daily reminder emails etc. Let me know what you think!


Posted by Stephen - May 5, 2018


Wow. I have received a bit of an ear bashing in my inbox during the last couple of days.

Maybe my last post wasn’t as clear as it could have been, I do tend to ramble a bit, but let me clear up a few things.

The pro account idea was completely optional and would remove all ads. Playing for free isn’t going anywhere.

Secondly, I said one pound a month, not one pound a day, as several people thought. Honestly 30 quid a month could be better spent in a million different ways.

Lastly, it was one of our players who suggested it. The price was arbitrary… it could have been a pound a year!

Anyway, I’ll be more careful with suggestions going forward.

Posted by Stephen - April 28, 2018

Slim Pickin’s…

Hi guys, I have returned. Well, actually I hadn’t gone anywhere, I’ve just been so busy. I have a pot-related update for you. Firstly though, Congratulations to Andrea, who scooped up yesterday’s £28 pot.

So pots… yeah. I am knee deep in other projects at the moment, but have noticed that in the last 6 – 8 weeks, advertising revenue has been really poor. For context, it has never been good, but there were good days now and again. This isn’t an issue specific to this site, as many online publishers are feeling the pinch at the moment. I know that quite a few of the free lotteries have shut up shop in the last year. It’s a hell of a lot of work for such little return.

Anyway, closing the site is the last thing I intend to do, but in the meantime, I have reduced the daily pot increase from £1 to 50p. I have also reduced the monthly referral draw pot to £10. We are a few days from the end of the month and I have 30-something referrals so far. It’s not cost-effective to pay almost a pound for each of these new players, so the old pot amount had to go (for the time being at least).

Please rest assured however that I do check in on the site every day. I have notifications straight to my phone telling me the results of each draw and as far as I’m aware, I’ve never (in the 17 months since I started) missed a payment to a winner.

I do read all the emails that come in – my inbox is mental – and I do attempt to reply to as many as possible. Remember though, I don’t have anyone helping with the daily workload.

Anyway, I hope this doesn’t come across as all doom and gloom, I’m simply trying to ride out the storm as it were. As always, thank you for the continued support and kind words.

Before I go, has anyone heard of Patreon? It’s a site where people can pay small monthly fees to support musicians, artists, content creators etc. I have no idea if it is feasible, but someone suggested to me that I might want to consider offering a premium account with no ads for people paying £1 a month to play each day. I don’t know what you guys would think about that, so I’m just throwing it out there. If 10% of the active daily players paid £1 a month for a premium, no-ads account, it would pretty much match the entire monthly income of the site from other avenues. Would love to hear your thoughts. If it is well received by enough people, I may look into this.


Posted by Stephen - April 25, 2018

Go Henry…

Hi guys, apologies for the long break between posts. I have been busy working on a couple of other projects and also lost my internet for a while during the crazy snow storms. Rest assured however that I do take a peek in the database every day to make sure everything is running smoothly.

I wanted to let all the parents our there know about a great app I discovered called Go Henry.

The app lets you set required tasks/chores for your kids. You can tick and untick the chores depending on performance/behaviour and assign a pocket money value to each chore. They are paid weekly onto their veri own debit card. You can set limits on their expenditure so they don’t blow it all at once. I know it’s early days, but my 9 year old daughter has never been so willing to offer to help around the house. 🙂

FYI, FLL is not affiliated with them in any way, I just thought it was worth letting everyone know about!

Posted by Stephen - March 11, 2018

Tarred with the same brush…

Evening FLL’ers. I have been receiving a few emails in the last couple of weeks to say that certain antivirus software packages are warning them about the cpu miner on the contributors page. The reason for this is that a lot of sites use miners in the background without their users’ permission, which is a little underhand. Is it malicious or dangerous? No. Not exactly ethical, but nothing to worry about.

For this reason, many antivirus programs will now block – which the little miner plugin uses – and pop up one of the usual fire and brimstone warning messages. It’s tarring all sites with the same brush, especially unfortunate for sites like this one that have an opt-in policy i.e. switch it on if you want, ignore it if you don’t.

If your antivirus is hassling you about this and you would like to continue contributing to the site, please whitelist in the antivirus settings. Rest assured the world will not come to an end 🙂

Posted by Stephen - January 31, 2018

Double Scoop

Hi guys, congrats to Kim M and Chris B who shared yesterday’s £19 pot. (the 4 digits were a birthday year, always popular!)

In other news, I’ve created an offers page with a collection of the affiliate links I normally cycle through on the dashboard hero section. The affiliate links generate a fair portion of the site’s income, so – as always – thanks for checking them out and supporting FLL!

Posted by Stephen - January 23, 2018

Ad-blocker blocker thingy

Evening all. Just a quick heads up to say I have installed a script on the site that detects ad blockers. Not only will it be irritating for people who choose to contribute nada to this site, I have also completely hidden the result on the dashboard page if ads are blocked, so hopefully it will make a noticeable difference.

From the daily page views vs number of ad impressions, I can tell you that around 40% of visitors are blocking ads. This site (and all others like it) rely on the advertising revenue to exist, so it’s a shame that that’s the case, but here we are!

Thank you to everyone who allows the ads to display and contributes in other ways e.g. cpu power, comments, shares etc. I couldn’t run this site without you.

Oh, thanks also to Adam, who pointed out the referral draw leaderboard wasn’t working. Fixed now. My bad!

Posted by Stephen - January 13, 2018

The good, the not so good and the ugly

First of all, congratulations to Inga B, who scooped yesterday’s big £41 pot.

Secondly, I have received 3 emails from the same person asking what happened to their 2017 loyalty points. I replied to every single one of these emails, but I can see from the – increasingly exasperated – responses that they are not getting through. Please guys, check your junk mail before getting miffed. I reply to 95% of the emails I receive. I straight up delete the nonsense or aggressive ones however.

Speaking of aggressive, here’s a little doozy for you. Am I breaking some sort of ridiculous privacy law posting this? Maybe, but I don’t care, though I have removed personal details… Enjoy.

“Good day

I have sent you’ll several emails informing you that when I enter my personal details on the form. It refuses to accept my zip code. Which is **** South Africa. ******* *******
Pls rectify asap.
If you don’t reply to my email. Then I will put this on twitter/ Facebook / social media.


Consider yourself banned Anusha. Knock yourself out on social media!

Posted by Stephen -

FLL goes full https!

I’ve finally managed to get around to installing an SSL certificate on the site, which means that all data sent to and from the server is encrypted.

I realise that nobody was storing the access codes to Fort Knox on this site, just an email address and a 4 digit number, but better safe than sorry. 🙂

Posted by Stephen - January 10, 2018

Congratulations Adam H!

Congratulations to Adam H, who scooped the £25 December referral draw!

Posted by Stephen - January 4, 2018

Contributors’ update

Hi guys, hope you all had a great Christmas! I’ve barely been online, so apologies for this late post. Yesterday marked 1 month since I added the contributors page to the site, so I thought it was about time I showed you the results of your hard work.

In the first month, we’ve collectively mined 268 million hashes, resulting in a pending payout of 0.023 XMR. In terms you may be more familiar with, this is the equivalent of 8 dollars 66 cents, based on today’s rate of 344 dollars per 1 XMR. This may not sound like a lot, but the value of XMR has more than tripled since September. If 2018 sees similar gains, the value of the amount mined in month 1 may be closer to 20 or 30 dollars.

Even at today’s rates however, this is a massive help to the site, as it pays for a month’s web hosting and partially pays for the transactional emails the site sends (notification and reminder emails). Here are the full stats and a graph of the daily hash rate:

I’m thinking that the contributors draw will be something along the lines of “100th place gets 1 entry, 99th place gets 2 entries…” and so on. I have no idea how much the prize will be at this time. Just like a year ago when the Christmas draw was mentioned, I had no idea what the site would cost/earn. It’s another voyage of discovery, but I’m very grateful to everyone who is contributing. Thanks guys!

Posted by Stephen - December 28, 2017

The Greater Good

Managed to get a hold of Kim, who informed me that she was sitting in her car trying to keep warm, as she had no gas/electricity due to an issue with her disability payments. She has just put some of her winnings into the electric meter. I don’t know about anyone else, but I certainly feel extremely pleased that we’ve all helped someone in need, especially at this time of year. Nobody in this – supposedly wealthy – country should be sitting in a cold dark house. I think I speak for everyone when I say the Hamster overlord chose wisely this day. Merry Christmas everyone.

Posted by Stephen - December 16, 2017

Congratulations Kim Jaeger!

A big congratulations to Kim Jaeger who has just scooped the £100 Christmas draw prize!

I’ll be in touch to get your winnings sorted asap Kim.

To everyone else, unlucky guys! You can all take a break from collecting LP for the next couple of weeks. (If you still want to collect them that’s fine, but they won’t count towards anything) New Year’s day will be the start of the 2018 LP collection.

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday and enjoying the run up to Christmas. Thanks for playing!

Posted by Stephen -

Nearly there…

LP 104515 is a loyalty point from a coin toss, created on the 26th of July by player ID 138. Let me find this player and run a few checks to make sure there’s no cheating (multiple accounts etc)

5 minutes guys!

Posted by Stephen -

Here we go…

Ok, the random number generator has picked number 104515. Let me find the loyalty point that corresponds to this number in the database table… 2 minutes please!

Posted by Stephen -

Christmas Mega Draw will be today!

Hi guys, I’ve just found out I have the afternoon to myself, so I will be using the time to collage all the LP collected this year and using a random number generator to pick a loyalty point ID.

As of this moment, there are 232,003 loyalty points split between 1818 players.

The kids are off to the cinema today so I’m going to pencil in 3pm, but will keep you posted. Good luck everyone!

Posted by Stephen -

Happy birthday to us!

It’s official… I’m an idiot. I’ve been distracted by several things but it’s no excuse for missing the site’s first birthday! Haven’t even missed it by a day or two. Three days late I am, oh dear.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone who’s been supporting the site, helping spread the word etc. I spent less than 100 advertising the site in the first few months, so 3700 players later, it’s safe to say that 99% of that is down to you guys. Also, we just hit a million page views about a week ago, which is a pretty nice milestone 🙂

Here’s to the players, and to year 2 of Free Lucky Lottery. Cheers. Stephen.

Posted by Stephen - December 5, 2017

Little green and red arrows…

Happy Sunday everyone.

I’m happy to say that I’ve completed work on an upgrade to the contributor ranking system. Rankings are now saved to the database each day at midnight, meaning any progress you make up or down the table throughout the day can be easily tracked. Little arrows tell you if you’ve moved up or down and by how much, if at all. I’ve been messing around with it and it’s quite addictive.

A great big thank you to everyone who is contributing to the experiment. We now have 6 green belt ninja hamsters, with over 1 million hashes each. Next up is the blue belt. The belts will be used further down the line as prize tiers, but I’ll talk more about that at a later date.

I will be posting some stats and other info once I have enough to extrapolate from.

Oh, and congratulations to Lee who scooped November’s referral draw. 🙂

Have a great evening.

Posted by Stephen - December 3, 2017

Congratulations Camilla C!

Well done to Camilla C, who scooped our 52 rollover pot yesterday!

With over 300 logins, I’d say that’s well deserved 🙂

Posted by Stephen - November 28, 2017

Can you dig it? – New draw coming soon

Hi guys!

I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve the earning potential of the site. If I bring in more I can give more away 🙂 So… I’m going to be running a little experiment on the site this week.

The keen-eyed among you may have noticed that ad slot number 2 now has a “start mining” pink link on it. What is this you say? Well, it is a completely optional crypto-currency miner that runs in the background, solving complex algorithms in order to generate tiny amounts of a crypto curreny called Monero. Basically, this allows you to donate a small portion of your cpu’s idle process cycles (I set it to 25% max, but you can change it if you like) to directly generating income for the site.

You may have read about these miners in the news, as some sites have been installing them without informing their users or asking for permission. For me though, privacy and control are two important aspects of a good online experience, which is why I have set it to OFF by default. You guys are in control. If you’d like to help the site while you flip your coins and roll your dice I would be extremely grateful. If it’s not your bag that’s fine. I will report back in a week showing how much (or how little) it has generated! As always, thanks for the support.

EDIT – I have worked out how I can track who is generating hashes – and how many – for the site via the miner. I’m going to look into a new prize to reward you guys for your mining efforts. Watch this space!##

SECOND EDIT – I’ve created a top contributors table! Check it out here

Posted by Stephen - November 27, 2017

The Christmas draw is coming!

Evening FLL’ers! I thought it was about time I gave you all an update regarding the upcoming Christmas Mega Draw.

Despite the fact that this site only started breaking even in April (and was actually losing money for a while before I implemented the dormancy rules) I have managed to squirrel away £100 for one lucky winner this Christmas.

Over 200,000 loyalty points have been collected between just over 1700 players. This means that the players at the top end of the LP leaderboard have around a 1 in 250 chance of hitting the jackpot. Not too shabby!

Each loyalty point is stored in a table in the FLL database, with each lp having its own ID. I will be using a random number generator to generate a number between 1 and … whatever the last lp is… say 200,000 for example. Once the number is selected, I have to run a number of manual checks. Is the player UK based? Is the player cheating with multiple accounts? Did they log in once, 12 months ago and never return? And so on. If the player fails any of these checks I will rinse and repeat until we have a deserving winner. I’ll be doing this about a week before Christmas. I will confirm a date nearer the time, as it all depends on my availability and shifts at work.

Next week, the site turns 1 year old. It’s been quite an adventure so far. Have I made any money? Sadly, the answer to that is not really. If I had spent the hundreds of hours doing freelance design work instead of FLL… well, I’m not going to go there for the sake of my own sanity! Hopefully 2018 will be worth the effort. If nothing else, at least I’ve been away to make a few people happy with their unexpected winnings 🙂

Onward and upwards!

Posted by Stephen - November 26, 2017

Happy Guy Fawkes day!

Hi guys, happy Guy Fawkes day!

Congratulations to Sara who’s just won the referral draw twice in a row – now £50 better off for her troubles!

Also, seeing as it’s now only about 6 weeks till Christmas, be sure to check out the Pouch Browser Extension, which once installed (it’s free by the way) automatically lists all available voucher codes when you place an item in your basket on a huge list of online stores.

If you are a regular user of sites such as, etc, this will save you a lot of time and hassle.

It looks like quite a number of our players have installed it in the last week and I’d be interested to hear how you are getting on with it. Let me know how much you’ve saved in the comments below. Have a great Sunday!

Start saving with Pouch!

Posted by Stephen - November 5, 2017

Pesky bugs!

Happy Friday everyone. I’d like to thank Anya, who pointed out that she had received her daily reminder email with many email addresses in the “to” field, rather than just her own. Thanks to the heads up, I found some error messages in the cron script from the daily draw that occurred due to some server issues today. If you’re easily bored you can stop reading now. You have been warned…

I have a loop in the code that performs a number of tasks for each email address in the recipient list. In one part of the code, there’s an if/else statement that goes something like this:

if (success) {
do a little dance,
} else {
shed a tear,
print error message,

I didn’t pre-empt requiring the “clearAddresses()” function in both side of the statement, which would have cleared the list at the end of every loop iteration, regardless of the email sending successfully or not. I have just added a “clear” in the failure side of the code, so incredibly long story short, that should never happen again. I can’t say the server won’t have hiccups ever again, but the “multiple to addresses” bug shouldn’t happen again.

You know what? I don’t blame my wife for watching Masterchef right now. I’m even boring me…

Posted by Stephen - October 20, 2017

I’m still alive!

Happy weekend everyone. I am still alive, just taking it easy as I’m currently recovering after a small operation this week! I have sorted our monthly draw winner’s prize money (congrats Sara!) and have taken care of some account admin. If I have missed any emails, it was not intentional. Please use the contact form or the comments section below if you need to nudge me.

Enjoy your Sundays 🙂

Posted by Stephen - October 7, 2017

Email go boom

Afternoon guys. My inbox just about exploded this morning, due to yesterday’s winner attempting to hit their “claim” button over and over. For some reason, the database didn’t update, so the player hit the button countless times – probably out of frustration – and I ended up with 2 emails (a main one and a backup) for each button click.

I have manually corrected the database, meaning today’s pot is actually £10 not £12 and have emailed the player. Andrew, if you are reading this, please check your email!

If this ever happens to anyone else, please just use the contact form. FYI I get a notification email from the server just after 1pm, telling me if there any winners and who they are. No need to panic 🙂

Posted by Stephen - September 16, 2017

One for the super-compers…

Hi guys, happy Friday!

I’ve been running FLL for 9 months now and have had the pleasure of getting to know quite a few of our regular players. Up until this year, I had considered myself a fairly savvy person when it comes to expenses. I tend to spend more time researching a purchase than using the product once I have it (sad I know).

Buuuuut… it turns out that I am nothing… NOTHING in this department compared to you guys. For this reason, I have teamed up with a rewards website called 20cogs.

If you have some spare time and a bit of patience, you can earn hundreds of pounds through Competitions, Offers, Gaming & Surveys at 20cogs. The die-hards among you should be able to rattle through them in a couple of weeks, but for us meer mortals, you can take it at your own pace, as there’s no time limit. Once you’ve completed the 20 cogs, you get paid.

It’s certainly not for everyone, but for you super compers, it could be a nice way to top up your finances in time for Christmas. I would recommend creating a new email account first specifically for this, as you’ll know doubt get a lot of junk afterwards!

In the last 3 days, 45 of our players have signed up, so I’d be really interested to hear how you guys are getting on and if you are moving up the leaderboard.

Use this link to get a £5 signup reward if you fancy checking it out.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Posted by Stephen - September 7, 2017

Congrats Robert T.

Well done to Robert T. who scooped August’s 25 referral draw prize!

Posted by Stephen - September 4, 2017

Dormancy and holiday mode

Hi guys. A few people have been asking if there is a way to put your account into a “holiday mode” on FLL. Basically… no. Here’s why!

As many of you will know, the draws are picked daily by a random number generator, that I lovingly refer to as Flloyd the server hamster. Flloyd doesn’t care if there are no registered players or a bajillion of them, he just goes about his business every day at 1pm, picking 4 random digits. Putting an account into a different mode – be it holiday, dormant, inactive or whatever – has zero effect on the daily draw.

Many people then ask “why do you not just pick a winner from the active players each day?” The answer to that (unfortunately) is that in order to pick a winner every day, I need to have £10 put aside each day to cover the prize pots. Add this to the monthly referral draw, hosting costs, costs to send thousands of emails daily and we quickly get to the point where the site needs to make the best part of 400 big ones a month. In reality, it’s currently nearer one quarter of that. Not having a winner every single day allows me to continue with the site, so as much as I’d love to be able to give money to you guys each and every day, that’s not realistic at the moment.

I’ve also been doing a little ad analytics and can see that a lot of people use ad blockers (generating zero income for the site) for their daily visits. I can’t stop people doing that, but it sure doesn’t help!

Anyway, I hope this answers some of your questions. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Any suggestions regarding what to do about the ad blockers are most welcome!

Posted by Stephen - August 28, 2017

120x improved odds on Euro Millions and Mega Millions

Good evening FLL’ers! We’ve just been accepted as an affiliate for, an online lottery syndicate. I know what you are thinking… “oh god, what’s he selling us now?”, but in all honesty, if you like to play the National Lottery etc, it looks like a great way of increasing your chances.

Starting at just £3 a week, (cancel any time), it’s a nice toe-dip into the world of lottery syndicates. For your £3, you get 5 lines in 2 weekly draws of Euro Millions and the same again for Mega Millions. You also get 5 weeks free for every friend you refer, which could work out nicely for you guys in the super secret comping Facebook groups I’m sure!

I haven’t played the National Lottery since they upped the price to £2 and decreased the chances of winning the jackpot to 45 million to 1… but I’m pretty sure my wife still puts a sneaky line on now and again, so I may even point her in this direction.

In the interest of full disclosure, FLL will receive a commission for every signup, so as well as increasing your chances of winning, you’ll really be helping out old Flloyd! Also, I was approached by them rather than the other way around, so as we are now officially cool, there’s only 1 thing left to do… strut!

Anyway, check it out here if you are at all interested and have a great evening. 🙂

Posted by Stephen - August 14, 2017

As promised!

Posted by Stephen - August 9, 2017

No more hit and run!

Evening guys. I have been busy implementing a new account status to cut down on hit and run winners. Let me explain what I mean with a little example.

John logs in most days. One lucky day, John logs in to find he has won. He claims, does a little dance and pronounces FLL the best site in the universe. Everyone is happy.

John referred his best buddy Pete six months ago. Pete created an account, lost interest for whatever reason and never logged back in. John logs in and notices that today’s winning number is Pete’s lucky number. A quick call or text later and Pete has claimed the pot, without having generated a single penny of income for the site in the last 6 months.

Why am I wibbling on about this you ask? Well, it’s happened 3 times in the last couple of months. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really think that’s fair on the dedicated players, so from today, all accounts that haven’t logged in in over a week will be set to “Dormant”. The account is still live, but you won’t be able to just log in and claim a pot. Logging into a dormant account will awaken the account from its slumber, but it will not be eligible to claim a pot till the next draw has taken place.

This is all assuming of course that I haven’t “gone and done a clanger” and borked the daily draw script. We’ll find out tomorrow at 1pm…

Let me know your thoughts about this update in the comments below. 🙂

Have a great evening.

Posted by Stephen - August 8, 2017

Screenies incoming

Good day peeps, I’ve just returned from holiday! I did my best to admin the site and keep up to date with winners and payments, but it’s not easy to do it all without my trusty old laptop.

I have multiple winners screenshots to post which I will do either tonight or tomorrow. Hope everyone is enjoying the British weather 🙂

Posted by Stephen - August 4, 2017

2 lucky winners!

Congratulations to our 2 lucky claimants yesterday who will be sharing the 52 pot. I’ve sorted 1 of the transfers so far… trying to get in touch with the other winner!

Feels good to finally give the cash away 🙂

Posted by Stephen - July 8, 2017

I don’t believe it!

To quote Victor Meldrew: “I don’t believe it!”

The winner from a couple of days ago has over 100 logins, which means they’ve logged in almost every day since they joined. I wonder if maybe they are away on holiday?

What would you guys think about donating £20 of the current £52 pot to charity? Let me know in the comments.

Posted by Stephen - July 4, 2017

I’m back!

Hi guys, apologies for the lack of updates in the last couple of weeks. Firstly, i was taking a break from working on the site daily as I was feeling a little burned out.

Also… my wordpress account was hacked, which is where these little news posts are published. The password was also changed and password reset broken, but you can’t keep a crafty hamster down for long, so with a little database wizardry I set a new password and we’re back in business.

In other news, I’ve seriously thought about intervening to get this pot claimed sooner rather than later, but I feel like I’d be compromising the integrity of the site. I don’t mess with the hamster – he does his own thing – and he doesn’t mess with me. The last thing I want is for anyone to think I’m manipulating anything in anyone’s favour. I have enough stress in my life 🙂 Also, the last three winners didn’t log in to claim, but I can’t force people to do that, so on we go towards an eventual 52 winner.

Have a good weekend when it comes.

Posted by Stephen - June 29, 2017

Meet Flloyd!

Hey guys, after talking about him for the last six months, it’s time to introduce the furry little guy that’s been picking the lucky numbers and running the server for us all. Say hi to Flloyd, the FLL mascot!

Posted by Stephen - June 9, 2017

Congratulations Emma D.

Congratulations to Emma D, who defied the odds to win May’s referral draw with just 4 referrals! Good luck for June everyone.

Posted by Stephen - June 1, 2017

It was their fourth studio album…

Hi guys, hope you’re having a great bank holiday.

In the interest of never having to split a pot between a bajillion people, I have removed the ability for new accounts to be created with certain 4 digit numbers. Numbers between 1900 and the current year will be greeted with a message that says “Please choose a number that’s not a birth year!”

The numbers 1234 and 7777 have also been disabled, because… well come on! There are 45 players with the number 1234, though it doesn’t look like many of them log in regularly. Maybe they were just having a nosey, but whatever the reason… that ship has sailed!

Interestingly, there may be a few progressive Rock fans in the house besides myself, as 2112 – an album by Canadian rock band Rush from 1976 – is shared between 7 players!

Good luck for the next draws. Someone has to scoop this badboy of a pot soon!

Posted by Stephen - May 29, 2017

It’s happening again!

It looks like we are about to have three missed pots in four days… Come on claimants, where are you!?

Posted by Stephen - May 26, 2017

Tramapoline… Trabapoline!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend.
I finished building a trampoline for the kids on Friday night and it has pretty much rained ever since!

I had been humming and hawing for ages, because most trampolines are 6,8,10 feet etc. I only had space for a 7 footer so finally pulled the trigger on a 7 ft “my first trampoline” from Asda. Have to say I’m pretty pleased with it. We’ll see how well it holds up when the gremlins are let loose…

Bonus points for recognising the Simpsons reference. 🙂

Posted by Stephen - May 21, 2017

2000 baby yeah!

Good news FLL’ers, we’ve just hit another big milestone today… 2000 players! Thanks to everyone who’s helping me build a cracking little community!

To celebrate, I’m raising the referral draw prize pot to £25 effective immediately.

Here’s to the next 2000. Cheers!

Posted by Stephen - May 16, 2017

No More Selfies

I’ve just heard that the Selfie Lottery will be shutting up shop soon. Along with – which has been down for quite a while now – it just goes to show that this Free Lottery lark isn’t a walk in the park as some would have you believe!

I’ve lost count of my total time spent so far, but it’s well north of 200 hours. The site is now breaking even, which is great news (and proves that I wasn’t crazy all along), but only if I value my time at about 10p an hour. I’d like to think I’m worth at least 25p… 😉

Posted by Stephen -

Buggy McBugson

Thanks to Cheryl K, who emailed me to point out that she had found an interesting way to bug out the LP system today.

She had accidentally skipped straight to the coin toss, without collecting the first available loyalty point of the day. On returning to the loyalty section, the page got confused as I hadn’t coded a fail-safe. (I never considered that this would happen).

The page is now more specific when asking the hamster “is there a loyalty point for today?” as it now specifically asks for the “original, easy-to-get-without-doing-much LP”. God I am boring myself! It’s fixed. I could have started with that couldn’t I?

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Good luck for a big winner soon!

Posted by Stephen - May 14, 2017

Congratulations Sara H.

Congratulations to Sara H. who scooped April’s £20 referral draw prize! Good luck for next month guys 🙂

Posted by Stephen - May 1, 2017

The Lazy Cheater

I’m normally one for privacy online where possible, but I honestly can’t be bothered obscuring email addresses on this one.

5.25am. New account created:
5.26am. New account created:

Seriously? At least try to hide it. Even just a little…

Posted by Stephen -

April Referral Draw Tonight

Good luck to all our referral draw entrants! The April draw is at midnight tonight but I’m sure there will be a few night owls staying up to see who the hamster is smiling at 🙂

Posted by Stephen - April 30, 2017

Thanks Laura W.

Thanks to Laura W., who sent a contact form today to say that the coin toss hadn’t popped up for her. As far as I can see, the only way this can happen is if you refresh the page too quickly after clicking the first “claim loyalty point button”.

Anyway, regardless of how it happens, a few folk have mentioned it in the comments, so I’ve added a little escape route. On the loyalty page, near the bottom, I’ve added in “Psst! If you refreshed too quickly and the coin toss hasn’t popped up, fear not… just use this link to go straight there.” The processing page will always check that there’s no funny business going on, so it can’t be used for the powers of evil!

Always happy to hear your suggestions guys, thanks for the support as always and have a great Saturday. 🙂

Posted by Stephen - April 22, 2017

Crowdfunding to help Billy Monger

As a huge motorsport fan, I was shocked at the horrific accident suffered by 17 year old F4 Racing Driver Billy Monger at Donington Park on Sunday.

The talented and popular youngster has since unfortunately had both his legs amputated. His family and racing team have set up a just giving page which I have just donated to.

It looks like they are going to easily meet their £260,000 target, which will help provide Billy’s ongoing treatment to help him return to a normal life as soon as possible.

Get well soon Billy!

Posted by Stephen - April 19, 2017

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Will we have a successful claimant for the monster pot this holiday weekend? Here’s luck to you all. 🙂

Posted by Stephen - April 15, 2017

Update to Geographical Rules

Morning all. Due to a massive influx of fraudulent accounts originating from outside the UK, I have updated our Rules section to state that all new account holders must be UK residents. If you have been playing from overseas up until this point don’t worry, your account is safe.

I put my hand up and admit that I underestimated quite how explicitly I needed to state that FLL was a UK based site, aimed at UK residents and supporting local charities, so that’s my bad.

If there are winners in future that cannot be easily verified as UK residents, I may ask for proof of residence before dishing out prizes.

Apologies if this is an issue for anyone… I’m just not willing to spend my entire life looking through rows in a database with a magnifying glass!

Posted by Stephen - April 10, 2017

Oh sweet justice…

Old Flloyd the server hamster certainly has a sense of humour. We have 2 winners today, one of which is one of our recent cheater’s deactivated accounts! That’s a moral victory there.

I’ll reiterate what is stated on the rules page: Anyone suspected of cheating will have their access revoked immediately. Any draw winners who manage to grease through the net first time around will have their winnings withheld if I have reasonable doubt that they are not playing by the rules. I will not apologise for this. I would be failing in my duty to respect the 99% genuinely nice people that come here every day if I wussed out about this sort of thing.

Anyway, that’s 4 winners in a row that have been unclaimed. This is getting crazy. Come on our 1 legitimate winner today!

Posted by Stephen - April 9, 2017

What’s going on?

Hey guys, do any of you know what’s going on over at It looks like they’re having some serious technical problems.

I was tempted to offer to help in the chat but firstly it’s not really my problem and I also didn’t want to appear to be profiting from it in any way.

Rest assured whenever I’m doing updates or development I always mention it beforehand. To be honest I’m surprised I haven’t broken anything yet… 😀

Posted by Stephen - April 6, 2017

Another one bites the dust…

Another winner yesterday and another unclaimed pot… I can’t give this away these last couple of weeks!

The player who matched yesterday’s lucky number had only ever logged in once, so he obviously wasn’t particularly impressed with what he saw. I’m offended really…

Posted by Stephen - April 4, 2017

Cheaty McCheaterson

I just deactivated 30 accounts, all created within minutes of each other, with very similar email addresses, all of which had unsubscribed from the daily email.

This may seem harsh, but I don’t see how it’s fair on everyone else to have 1 chance a day when someone decides they want 30.

Detective Flloyd Hamster
FLL Fraud Dept.
Keeping it fair since December ’16

Posted by Stephen - April 2, 2017

March winner and testimonials page

Afternoon all. Congratulations to Dawn R who won March’s referral draw!

Also, I have received 4 testimonials so far, so thank you very much to Lee, Sara, Andrew and Gary. I’ve created a quick testimonials page and will be adding to this as we go.

Have a great Saturday.

p.s. I was very tempted today to put up a post saying I was shutting down the site with immediate effect, but I thought it would be far too obvious as an April Fool’s prank and I couldn’t do that to our loyal players :p

Posted by Stephen - April 1, 2017

Calling all happy peeps

Morning guys. I’m planning to create a testimonials page, as I’d like to think that by now we have a few happy people willing to submit one!

I haven’t built a page where you can do this yet, but if you’d like to help me get the ball rolling you can email me (or use the contact form) a short paragraph. I’d like to put avatars with the testimonials – without them they just look made up – so you can send one, otherwise I’ll just grab a facebook or disqus profile pic (with permission of course).

Appreciate the support as always 🙂

Posted by Stephen - March 29, 2017

The Hamster know-eth

Ok, so it looks like the draw took place at 1pm as planned. The hamster is obviously on the ball (rather than in it. Sorry…).

Also, we had a winner yesterday who missed the pot, despite logging in on each of the 3 previous days. Ouch!

Posted by Stephen - March 26, 2017

Mother’s Day Draw Times

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. With British Summer Time kicking in last night and robbing us all of an hour’s kip, I have to state a quick disclaimer about today’s draw… I have no idea if it will be at 1pm!

I haven’t changed anything on the server, it’s still set to 1pm UTC and I don’t know if it will automatically compensate for the time change or not. It’s the first time the clocks have changed since we’ve been up and running, so it’s a leap into the unknown today.

Will it be at noon? Will it be at 1? Will we all be transported to October 21, 2015? Who knows…

Posted by Stephen -

Just barely interesting update number 137…

I’ve just added a little info box on the previous draws page that tells you if your lucky number has ever come up.

In fact, it’s just so awesome, I’ll just leave this link to the page here

Saves you doing CTRL + F or scan reading frantically. 🙂

Posted by Stephen - March 23, 2017

Die Roll

With the coin toss proving to be super-popular, I’ve added another mini game after the coin flip that requires a little more persistence.

I fully expect fewer players to go to the bother of doing it, but there’s a 3rd daily loyalty point available for the dedicated LP hunters.

If you’ve already claimed your points today and can’t wait till tomorrow to try it (it really is that exciting…) drop me a quick mail and I’ll send you a direct link to try it out 🙂

For anyone who’s sad like me, the median rolls to get a certain number is 3.8 apparently.

Posted by Stephen - March 22, 2017

Toss a Coin

Evening FLL’ers. I’ve just added a new coin toss feature tonight. When you claim your daily loyalty point, you have a coin toss for a bonus loyalty point. I’ve tested it to the point of insanity, but if anyone finds a bug you know where to find me!

Feedback appreciated as always. 🙂

Posted by Stephen - March 19, 2017

Keeping it in the family

I received a nice email from Sara H this morning, who explained she was having an issue when trying to use a single desktop PC between two family members who each had an FLL account. There actually was, until today, no sensible way to do this if you had previously clicked the “remember me” box on the login page. The little login cookie this creates persists – even after logging out (otherwise it wouldn’t work) – so the remember me box essentially became an account “event horizon” i.e. no way back.

I’m rambling now, so I’ll cut to the chase. You can now do a “permanent log out” which ends your session and also nukes the cookie, making it possible to switch to another account. You can find this at the bottom of your “my account” page. Remember though, with great power comes great responsibility…

Posted by Stephen - March 16, 2017

Wacky Weekend Winners

On Saturday afternoon, my girls were performing at a dance show in a local theater hall. If there was ever a day I could have done with no winners, this was certainly it. To say I was short of time would be an understatement. I checked the site at 1pm and saw 1965 pop up as the daily number and I immediately knew I was doomed… a birthday year!

I didn’t have time to log into the database via my phone on a shaky connection, so I waited for my little notification email from the server. “There are 6 winners today” it said. The server hamster had well and truly done his business on me, so I tried to figure out when I could get on my PC and begin preparing to dish out prizes to multiple winners.

As it turned out, only 1 person logged in and claimed their share of the prize pot, which certainly reduced my workload, but I feel kinda bad that 5 people missed out. Gotta be in it to win it I suppose.

On Sunday, I was doing a little database housekeeping when the draw happened and once again we had a winner. I checked the login data from the database to see how often the winner actually logs in. They hadn’t logged in for 2 months, so I carried on with what I was doing, assuming that we’d have a rollover. 30 seconds later… “ping” in comes an email. “A player has claimed the pot”. I know I’m a bit of a stats nerd, but trying to work out the chances of these things all happening in a single weekend melted my little brain.

Anyway, if anyone has picked a birthday year, or pretty much anything started with “19”, I’m happy to change your number to something more obscure. Just drop me an email.

Lastly, thanks for all the comments at the bottom of the dashboard. I no longer feel like I’m talking to myself 🙂 Until next time…

Posted by Stephen - March 14, 2017

Bonus Scheme Changes

Ah yee olde bonus scheme. It’s something that I thought would be extremely popular, but only a few players ever really used it. The number of referrals in a month was really low, which I was surprised about, as I thought 50p per referral would be a good incentive.

The monthly draw, launched in January, had completely the opposite effect, with about 150 referrals being generated last month. I can only guess that this is because there is a far greater chance of seeing a return on the referrals via the monthly draw. (1 in 150 for each referral using last month’s figures)

For this reason, I am seriously considering removing the bonus scheme entirely, to allow me to concentrate on the monthly draw going forward. With less cash being reserved for players’ personal bonus pots, the monthly draw pot will likely increase as we progress through 2017.

In the meantime, I have decided to reduce the 50p bonus down to 5p, in line with similar sites. Your existing bonus pot is unaffected so don’t worry about that. If you had a fiver in it yesterday, you still have it today!

None of the daily draw winners to date have had anything in their bonus pots fyi.

Posted by Stephen - March 12, 2017

The Daily Plonker…

As promised, here’s the email that will from this day hence be known as “the very first daily plonker”.

To be clear, lots of lovely people have asked me daft questions here and there, but that’s not what this is about, as we’ve all done it. The daily plonker will be a place to behold the cesspit of my Free Lucky Lottery inbox, should you so desire. I don’t have anything else that’s on par with this little doozie yet, so I’ll be waiting till I have a few of these before creating a standalone page for it. Anyway… without further ado… I give you the daily plonker. (in reply to the daily reminder email)

RE: Today’s prize is £15

“no advance money. you give me advance money.

All expenses you cut no problem.

you send me advance TT. not send no farther mail.

My bank details :
A/C No. 1352
Mob : xxxxxxx

mustbe tt send.

not tt send no wirte again mail. xxxxxxxx.”

Obviously I have removed his bank details, but what am I to make of this? Seriously? The only thing he got in advance was notice that I had deleted his account. Maybe this was a little hasty though… who knows what kind of gems I might have received from him in future!

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of “The Daily Plonker”.
(8pm Eastern, 7 central)

Posted by Stephen - March 8, 2017

Beans and toast till 100k…

Evening everyone, hope you’re having a great weekend so far.

So here’s a little update from FLL land. With over 1000 players, we’re now at the point where we are having fairly regular winners. We had our first double winner the other day, but with only one player claiming their stake, the full amount went to the other player (who was pretty pleased might I add).

To give you an idea of how many people are potentially missing out each day, we have 1100 players as of today and the most “unique users” ever on the site in a single day is currently 435. This means that only around 40% of the registered players log in on any given day. Interestingly, this has pretty much been the case since I started collecting the stats.

The increased user base and awareness has certainly borne fruit this week, as FLL now appears in the top spot when Googling “Free Lucky Lottery”. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s the first real SEO milestone for a new site.

Another highly encouraging piece of news is that Free Lucky Lottery has been pre-approved for a high-quality ad network in the UK. I say pre-approved rather than approved, as there’s a catch… 100,000 page views per month MINIMUM. We are nowhere near that yet. My best guess – extrapolating from the data I have for December to February – is that we should be around 40,000 in March. Realistically, this means that in around 4 months time, I’ll hopefully be able to say that the site is actually making more money than it costs to run. Don’t worry, I have stocked up on canned goods in the meantime. Beans and toast is also about the limit of my culinary abilities, so in a way it’s not so bad. 🙂

I knew when I started this project that 2017 would not be the year that I made money from my crazy schemes, but I have high hopes for some extra pocket money in 2018!

A big thanks to everyone who’s spreading the word, logging in daily and buying bits and bobs through my Amazon links… it really does make a difference.

Also, please let me know if these updates are of actual interest to you guys. I absolutely bore my wife senseless talking about player numbers, signups, projections etc. To me, it seems like a good idea to be completely open and honest about FLL and its ups and downs. This way, you guys can – if you have the time and are very, very bored – feel a little more involved than you would on a large, faceless site. As many of you are likely aware, FLL is just little old me for the foreseeable, so if you have any questions or want to know a bit more about how the site works, please use the Disqus section on your dashboard. Always happy to hear your thoughts.


Posted by Stephen - March 4, 2017

Congratulations Lee K.

Congratulations to Lee K, who won February’s monthly referral draw!

I don’t think anyone would begrudge her that… she spends more time on the site than I do!

Posted by Stephen - March 1, 2017

A great moment for FLL

Whoa, I took the kids to the swimming pool for a bit and I very nearly missed the chance to screenshot this:

Free Lucky Lottery was officially launched on December 2nd, so we’ve gotten to this point in under 3 months.

I’ve spent very little advertising the site, (although I suppose this is only really true if I value my time at diddly-squat!) so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped spread the word – whether you have 1 referral or 100 – as without you we’d be less than half way there.

For anyone interested in the financial implications of hitting a milestone like this on a free prize draw site, I’ll be writing a lengthy update about my experience so far with this project in the near future. To give you an idea though for now, I’m not even breaking even yet, never mind making a profit, but more on this at a later date. Enjoy your Saturday night everyone.

Posted by Stephen - February 25, 2017

New Loyalty-Based Mega Draw!

Hey guys, the hour may be late, but I’ve been beavering away in the lab with my latest abomin, err… creation. He’s now ready to roam free in the FLL wilderness, so please say hi to my new loyalty point system and mega draw!

Each day when you log in, you’ll have the opportunity to claim an FLL loyalty point, which will be stashed away safely in your account for entry into a Christmas Mega Draw. (At Christmas, funnily enough!)

Each LP increases your chances in the draw. Sound familiar? Yep, it works the same as the monthly referral draw.

As always, there may be bugs, so anyone who finds one can earn themselves a few LP by dropping me an email with the details.

Feedback welcome in the comments below.

Posted by Stephen - February 19, 2017

Sendy McSenderson

I have run into a “good” technical problem. I know that makes no sense, but here goes.

With almost 1000 players now, the daily reminder email is going out to around 700 people. Or At least it should be.

Sending transactional email straight from a shared hosting account is fine at first, but once you ramp up the numbers it causes all kinds of problems. A lot of you may have noticed that your reminder emails are coming through one day and not the next. Without going into too much detail, it was time to look for a more suitable solution.

I am trialing SMTP through today – which in theory should be good for about a squillion emails – for the daily reminder. So as Samuel L. Jackson said in Jurassic Park, “Hold on to your butts”.

Posted by Stephen - February 17, 2017

Large Hadron Collider has nothing on this

Good day FLL’ers. Just a quick heads up – I have made a few adjustments to the daily draw script, so if the universe begins to implode at exactly 1pm today… my bad!

Good luck for the draw (and, err, survival of the human race, obviously).

Posted by Stephen - February 16, 2017

Congratulations Marcella B

Well done to you, Marcella B,
You scooped the pot, one shy 53.

You only joined but 1 week ago,
I guess that this just goes to show,

The hamster works in mysterious ways,
So remember to log in at least once, every day.

Your moneys are on their way to you, I sure hope they lend a hand,
They’re traveling through space and time through my broadnet interband.

So Please tell all your friends for now I am skint,
Brassneck dot com, nudge nudge wink hint. 🙂

Posted by Stephen - February 13, 2017

Valentines day – sorted

Good afternoon FLL’ers, hope you’re having a great weekend so far. As a guy with a wife and two daughters, I spend a great deal of my time driving to and from dance classes and traipsing round shopping centres. This also means I’m very aware (translation – scared) of things like Valentines day.

This year though I’m a little more organised than normal, meaning I can enjoy the rest of weekend worry free!

My wife has always liked Pandora jewellery, but up until fairly recently, their sizing has always been a little too large, – she has tiny wrists – but after enquiring, it turns out they now do sizes right down to kids’.

Long story short, this is what I took home…

FYI, I’m not an affiliate of Pandora or anything, just thought it was pretty cool and worth sharing 🙂

To keep the girls happy, they’ve got a couple of those little Ty Guy thingies:

These should do for now, at least until the first boyfriends arrive. We have a deal though that this isn’t allowed for the next 30 years…

If you’re doing a last-minute-Larry, there are some great ideas on Amazon just now, whether you are looking for inspiration or dropping hints 🙂

Posted by Stephen - February 11, 2017

Free Lucky Lottery Gets a Boost

I’m extremely pleased to announce that Free Lucky Lottery will be gaining our first serious exposure tomorrow, as we’ll be featured on Emma Drew’s awesome money-saving blog

If you are into money-saving ideas, comping and passive income, you should definitely check it out!

Big thanks to Andy from who initially put me in touch with Emma. Check out his site too for a free prize draw that’s a little different from the rest 🙂

Posted by Stephen - February 5, 2017

Congrats Tracey J

Congratulations to Tracey J. who was the lucky winner of our very first referral draw!

Tracey only had 1 referral in January so it just goes to show that the server hamster works in mysterious ways!

Thanks for playing guys. Good luck for February!

Posted by Stephen - February 1, 2017

First ever referral draw tonight!

Ok guys, just 3 hours to go till our first ever referral draw!

I’ve just completed some last minute testing and (famous last words) I believe we are good to go.

The server will pick a random referral at midnight, and whoever referred that player is the winner.

There are 29 entrants last I counted, with just over 100 referrals between them.

Assuming the winner has filled in their paypal email address on their account page, I’ll transfer the £20 prize tomorrow evening,

Good luck 🙂

Posted by Stephen - January 31, 2017

Goodbye January, we won’t miss you

Wooft, is it just me or has this January seemed even longer and darker than usual? At least there’s light at the end of the tunnel now (about 4 minutes extra per day) with February fast approaching. One piece of good news is that we have a guaranteed winner coming up on February 1st with our new monthly referral draw.

There are 29 entrants so far with around 100 referrals in total between them. If you haven’t referred anyone yet, don’t worry… there’s still time!

Click here to view your unique referral code or use our built in super referral form sender thingy.

Good luck everyone 🙂

Posted by Stephen - January 28, 2017

A is for Aardvartising

Good news Fll’ers, Free Lucky Lottery has just been accepted as a new Publisher on Adclerks, meaning it’s now possible to purchase advertising space on this site without even having to email me (I can hear the relief).

See that white box there that says “ADVERTISE HERE”? I’m dipping my toe in the water, so that box there is available to purchase for 1.50 dollar per 1000 views. (why it’s in dollars I have no idea… they are a UK based company!)

If you’d like to promote your business to the lovely folk here on FLL (90% + UK visitors) and support this site in the process, please click here or on the box itself for more details.

Posted by Stephen - January 22, 2017

£10 off any qualifying order of £50 or more

Just a quick heads-up from my inbox today:

Get £10 off any qualifying order of £50 or more on with promo code BIGTHANKS.  Today only.

Posted by Stephen - January 20, 2017

Bug Hunt Blues

Hi guys, sorry I’ve been a little quiet over the last few days, I’ve had a nasty bug that pretty much floored me from Sunday to Wednesday.

Speaking of bugs, I spent an hour tonight looking for a bug in my code.  On the referral draw page, certain players were appearing twice, with different referral counts for each.  Long story short, the code was fine… a player had simply referred a few people with a broken referral link…

I don’t know if anyone had noticed, but if you’re a bit of an eagle eye, that’s why it was borked.  I’m sure you’ll all sleep better tonight now! 🙂

Posted by Stephen - January 19, 2017

500 players

A massive thanks to our loyal playerbase as we just hit 500 players today. Next up is the big 1k 🙂

I’ve increased the maximum pot to £52 for now and will increase it again when we hit 1000.

Good luck to everyone who has entered our January referral draw and thanks for sharing those links guys!

Posted by Stephen - January 12, 2017

Brand New £20 Monthly Referral Draw

We’ve just launched a brand new feature – a monthly referral draw!

Referring a single player is all that’s required to enter the draw each month, but as each referral increases your chances of winning the prize pot, it’s well worth the time taken to share your unique referral link in a few places! Full details can be found here.

Posted by Stephen - January 7, 2017

Advertise your business with FLL

2017 is going to be a big one for Free Lucky Lottery. With almost 400 new players in our first month, we are rapidly expanding and will be selling premium advertising space here on your players’ dashboards and in our daily reminder emails in the months to come.

If you’d like to get on board with an early bird discount or have any questions, please use the contact form here

Posted by Stephen - January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone!

The Facebook draw is at 1pm today. I’ve collated all the entries (51) and will check them vs today’s winning number shortly after 1pm. Whoever is closest wins the £10. To clarify, by closest, I mean the person closest to the absolute number. e.g. if the draw is 5600 and player A has 3600 and player B has 6123, player B is closer. This really isn’t a great day for maths 🙂

I’ll need the winner’s paypal email address, so if you haven’t done so already you can set that on your account page here

Good luck!

Posted by Stephen - January 1, 2017

New Year Facebook Draw

Fancy winning £10 for one minute of your time? Well, I’m going to try a little experiment for new year… a Facebook draw!

All you have to do to enter is like FLL on Facebook and then email me with your name and your Free Lucky Lottery email address (to allow me to join the dots)

The winner will be the person whose number is closest to the draw result on New Year’s day. Our Facebook following is pretty small at the moment so your odds are fantastic! Good luck.

Posted by Stephen - December 30, 2016

And that’s that…

Well, I hope you guys had a good one! I’m in the process of giving my 7 year old daughter her first guitar lesson, but rest assured I am around, so good luck for today’s draw 🙂

Posted by Stephen - December 26, 2016

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