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About Us

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About Us

Free Lucky Lottery started life as a half-formed, half-baked idea, dreamt up during a Friday night game of Texas Hold'em in a friend's converted garage ten years ago.

From these humble beginnings, well... not a great deal happened! Mainly due to sheer procrastination on my part, and also due to the fact I was busy trying to be a Rock Star. Yeah... that was a great use of my early 20s!

Fast forward ten years and I'm now suffering one of the dreaded "I had that idea" moments, looking at a number of websites that do essentially what I had envisaged.

"What's my USP?", I asked myself, seeing as this idea is no longer an original one. Well, picking 4 digits 0-9 sets fixed odds of 10,000 to 1, meaning that your chances of winning don't decrease as the number of players increases.

The main thing I'm trying to do differently however is keep the site simple, clean and well designed, as some of the free lottery variants you'll find on the web are pretty cluttered and confusing.


I'm a big fan of the "donating to charity" theme, as I lost my own mother to lung cancer in 2004 . The Macmillan nurses do a fantastic job in what are often the worst possible circumstances, so they went straight to the top of my list of Charities to donate to. We'll be donating a percentage of all ad revenue to charities here in the UK and will keep players up to date with the amounts donated, charities donated to etc.

So there it is. The Free Lucky Lottery... hopefully one of the nicest looking free-to-play lotteries you'll find on the web, with great odds to boot.

Thanks for playing!

Stephen Gilmour
Stephen Gilmour
Free Lucky Lottery

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